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You are a registered nurse and have gained professional experience. You may have already completed further specialist training. Then you've come to the right place. We offer you a job that fits into your life. We want you to feel comfortable with your salary.

More salary

We guarantee you an income between 26 € and 32 € / hour. Work part-time or full-time. You get bonuses, you can have your overtime paid out or use it for your time account. Set your own preferences and earn between €4,000 and €6,000 per month.


More flexibility

We know from our own Experience: With flexible working hours or the possibility to plan your own shifts, the job is more fun. Get the working hours that fit your life.


More freedom

Who likes long journeys? We will work with you to find clinics that match your location and mobility. We know that travel allowances or public transport tickets can be an attractive component of your earnings.


Be a part of 
our team

Sometimes you need more flexibility. Life is dynamic and makes many demands on us. Why shouldn't the workplace be able to adapt to this? We create a workplace that fits your life perfectly. Balance should be more in focus.

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Why you should work with us? Because we know what matters.


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on people


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We invest
in our most important
asset: you!


Count on us. With a contract that covers you.

As an employee, you will receive a fixed income from us, your employer, based on the agreed working hours. The collective agreement of the IGZ applies to you. Your contract offers you maximum social security (health, pension and unemployment insurance).


Be part of a team With clear structures and a "direct line"

You will be sent to work at clinics that are our clients. We have a permit from the Federal Labor Office for this. Even without assignments, you will receive your full salary. You have contact persons around the clock with whom you can talk about your everyday topics and questions. All this gives you more possibilities to bring in your personal ideas in the duty scheduling and vacation planning.


Stay Curious Gather new experiences

Whether you are just starting out in your career or returning to work, we want you to be able to orient yourself and grow into your job. You can get to know different specialties and clinics and thus improve your own qualifications. We support you in further training measures. We want you to grow with us and feel comfortable.


A new idea 
of work

You are also welcome to join us if you are just starting out in your career or are returning to work. Our concept is ideal if you want to reorient yourself or simply try something new. As an employee, you will receive full support for training measures, whether financial or organizational.

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FAQ Frequently asked questions

1. how can I become part of the Curato team?

It's very simple: Get in touch with us. Send us an application or simply contact us without a long process or complicated formalities. By phone, by mail, as you like. We will then arrange a meeting to get to know each other at the pace at which you would like to have the further conversation with us. We will then talk together about your questions and ideas about the job. And of course we tell you about our ideas and our clients, our current vacancies and your opportunities with us.

During the entire application phase, we will stay in contact so that we can arrange interviews and assignments at potential client companies at short notice. After all, we apply to you just as much as you apply to us!

2. Can I apply to Curato even without a specific job offer?

We are happy to receive any unsolicited application! If you are interested, please send us your application documents or contact us by phone. And if you recommend us, we will be twice as happy.

3. is employment on a part-time basis possible?

Yes, of course! We offer you a variety of working time models. We would be happy to explain the full range of options to you in a personal meeting.

4. what documents does Curato require before my first assignment?

The standard information that you have anyway: the certificate as a health care worker and nurse, the certificate of the preventive medical examination (G42), certificate of good conduct, identity card and the current curriculum vitae.

5. How long will it take to get to my first assignment?

This is a question to which there is no standard answer. But we promise that you will be involved and informed during the whole time and that you will have a direct contact person during this time.

6. How will I be supervised when I am on my first assignment?

If an assignment is booked for you with our customer, your personnel dispatcher will accompany you to your new workplace before the start of the assignment and will be available at all times to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

7. in what radius from my place of residence will I be deployed?

Together with you, we organize the work locations in terms of distance and accessibility. We know that sometimes it is not the real distances but the traffic / congestion or public transport conditions that make the commute.

8. will travel expenses be covered?

Travel costs are reimbursed tax-free for a distance between the place of residence and the place of work at a flat rate of 30 cents per kilometer and paid out with the salary. Public transport costs can also be covered.

9. What do I need to bring with me for my first assignment?

Fun and good humor! Of course, we will provide you with everything else, such as assignment forms or time sheets. Your uniforms will be provided by the clinics.

10. How long do my assignments with customers last?

It all depends on the customer and their needs. The assignment can last a few days, but also several weeks or months. It depends on whether you are only looking for a short-term replacement or whether you have a long-term need for personnel. Even before the end of the assignment, your personnel dispatcher actively seeks a new task.